I have to share how much I love our new icy tote!
First off the construction is amazing you know how some insulated bags pop their seams after a month? not this one it could survive going to school with my 7 year old and trust me nothing survives going to school with MY 7 year old.  We got to use it the other day when we went to dinner at my in laws house. my 6 month old is still on a one thing at a time diet so I brought her some premade food from home. All my kids were also fighting off a cold so I was giving them hi…ghlands tablets every 4 hours. I was able to easily pack a baby food jar size container of coconut squash soup, a same size container of baby cereal, a baby spoon, two different bottles of highlands tablets, and two full coverage bibs plus the ice pack, and the clip made it easy to just hook onto my diaper bag. This is officially our baby snack bag. and gets clipped onto the diaperbag every time we leave the house. It’s so much easier to find a snack for one of my kids in the tote then it is to search through the diaperbag, and I can keep food cold in the tote without having an ice pack in the diaper bag making the diapers cold.


My husband and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary this past weekend and we took a short trip to Palm Springs. The weather was 102 degrees but thankfully we had some cool wind blowing through which made it somewhat bareable. We did our usual golf outing and thankfully we had our Icy Diamond Tote Backpack with us because we were able to pack some sandwiches and cold drinks. I was amazed at how cold it was with the temperatures scorching at 102 degrees. Later that night we went to the movies and decided to pack the Icy Diamond Tote backpack with some cold drinks and surely enough we did and it saved us $12 at the snackbar. With the stylish look of the bag, the attendant thought it was a purse and didn’t even question whether it was a cooler. I highly recommend you check out these insulated bags. You will definitely find uses that will eventually pay off!

Adults as well as children enjoy spending their day at the Happiest Place on Earth- Disneyland. What is involved in preparing for a fun, filled day at this amazing amusement park? Packing for the essentials like extra clothing, jackets, sunglasses, suncreen, medication, if needed, water, and snacks. Why not add an Icy Diamond Tote insulated bag on the list. It is cold, compact, and convenient to carry small snacks, a drink, or even your medicine. The carabiner hook is great to help clip to a pant loop or larger bag. It can even be worn as a fanny pack so it allows you to be hands free at all times. I recommend you try it out. Some of my customers have and reported back how convenient it was. Check out the photos on our Image Gallery Section at www.IcyDiamondTotes.com

Hi Mariza – thanks for sending me info on this innovative product!  I would like to have some ordering info I can keep in my office.  The summers here in Phoenix are brutal as you know.  This is a great idea to prevent the dreaded “melted lipstick fiasco” that happens to me every year when the summer season creeps up on me, as well as help patients carry their med bottles and insulin supplies with them to appointments.  For patients that use wheelchairs and walkers, the carrabiner serves double-duty to attach to these items as well as attach ID, keys, etc.  Great concept!

My child was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes at age 8. She uses an insulin pump 24/7 to keep her alive. The insulin pump must be taken off at the beach or at the pool and kept cool for hours in the hot sun, but not too cool. It is very important the insulin in the pump does not get too cold. I used the Icy Diamond tote in hot weather with both ice packs over a six hour period last week. The wonderful Icy Diamond Tote, which I ordered in brown, is constructed in such a way as to keep her pump cool, yet protect it from getting too cool. The two small ice packs are held in insulated pockets above the main pocket (which is below the ice packs), which can hold medication or a pump. I used both ice packs but one might well suffice for this purpose. The tote can also hold about four small juice packs, so I ordered a second one. Naturally, I just ordered the backpack (which is a very good deal at $29.99). Since you can wear the backpack handsfree, I can carry more drinks, food and strap the icy tote to it with a carabiner. Seems like this would be easy to carry at an amusement park, hiking….. whatever

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you for the Icy Diamond Totes you gave me at the Boom Boom Room gifting suite! We put it to good use right away during our trip to Sundance! It was great learning about your company and again, thank you! Regards, Alex

I have had multiple sclerosis for almost 25 years I have to keep my medicine cold this would be perfect for getting to hotel on vacation thank you

I LOVE my tote that I ordered last year.I am Diabetic and it was a life saver when we flew to FL in July. It kept my insulin nice and cool all through the long travel day from ND. Can’t wait to get more information on the back pack. I am visually impaired and need my hands free to use my cane. An insulated back pack has been a dream of mine for quite some time. Can’t wait to hit the theme parks with this one. Thanks


Thanks so much for my wonderful and stylish football mom tote!!! I absolutely love it, and highly suggest it for any mom or dad!! xo Brande Roderick


After seeing a few reviews for the Icy Diamond Tote, I was really interested in the product. Icy Diamond Totes are small cooler bags that moms can use to carry snacks, drinks, medicine and more. As someone who always seems to be carrying string cheese, juice boxes, yogurt and other items that need to be kept cold – the Icy Diamond Tote seemed to be something I could definitely use! I “liked” Icy Diamond Totes on Facebook, and was pretty excited when, shortly after, I was chosen as one of the monthly winners of my very own Icy Diamond Tote!

When my Icy Diamond Tote came in the mail – I instantly knew it would become a must-have item in my daily routine. The Icy Diamond Tote is insulated inside and comes with two ice packs to keep it cool. It can be carried with a strap or as a fanny pack – or can be attached to a diaper bag with the carabineer hook that comes with it. I couldn’t wait to load it up and try it out!

My favorite thing about the Icy Diamond Tote is the size. It’s small, and fits right inside of my diaper bag. It’s basically a mini-fridge that I can easily carry with me to keep the kids’ stuff cold!

I’m so excited that I was chosen as the winner of an Icy Diamond Tote! To get your own chance at winning an Icy Diamond Tote – be sure to “like” Icy Diamond Totes on Facebook! If you don’t want to leave getting your hands on such a great product to chance – visit the Icy Diamond Totes website and shop around for yourself! Entering code “COOL2010” will score you 30% off your online order!

Icy Diamond Totes are definitely very cool in my book…no pun intended!

Thank you Icy Diamond Totes I love my Pink Tote that I had won. Its perfect for the little things that need to stay cold. I use mine in my purse for my make up. Thank you again I will never have another ruined lipstick.

Here we are at the Zoo. Thanks for the backpack! It was still lighter to carry loaded vs. other backpacks I have. 

What a great gift to reward your MXI downline for a JOB WELL DONE! A convenient way to transport your chocolates without having them melt. Thanks for the idea.