Introducing the NEW Insulated Icy Diamond Tote Bags!

Cold – Durable – Convenient – Stylish – Compact

The inspiration of this bag comes from Xocai the Healthy Chocolate. As a former Chocolate Distributor and a Mom of three boys and a diabetic, the need to carry the little things in life without having them melt in the heat or carry a large cooler became a necessity. As I researched the web to find that perfect bag, I realized it was not out there. I was then inspired to create my own insulated tote bag and to much avail my dream has come true. The convenience of carrying items like small Snacks, Drinks, Medicine (i.e. Insulin or Victoza for Diabetics & Epipen for Food Allergies), Baby Items, Cosmetics, & Chocolates are effortless. In addition, the insulated tote bag can be worn as a fanny pack, clipped to your pant loop or other bag, or worn across the chest or over the shoulder as a hand bag. You will enjoy this insulated tote, just as much as I have. The versatility and convenience will make you desire one in every color.

Includes Strap, Carabineer Hook, ID Holder & 2 Ice Packs

Great for MXI distributors to pack their Healthy Chocolate without the worry of them melting.
Great for Mom’s on the Go!! Carry teething rings, binkies, breast milk, 4-oz baby bottles, snacks, unfinished baby food, etc…
Great for packing various medications, baby medicine, Insulin, Victoza, Epipen, or other medical necessities that need to stay cool. Great diabetic travel case for diabetics on-the-go.

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10″L x 4.5″W x 12″H Non-Genuine Leather Insulated Backpack. Includes Two Detachable Straps & ID Holder on the back. Can be worn as a backpack or a handbag. Helps busy on-the-go individuals carry sandwiches, cold drinks, restaurant leftovers, medication, and more. Some of the places this insulated bag has been utilized are the amusement park, sporting events, baseball & soccer field, airplane travel, golf course, and movie theater. FREE SHIPPING FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY in the U.S. not avail for Int’l. REG. PRICE $26.95 ON SALE for LIMITED TIME ONLY with FREE SHIPPING IN THE U.S.

Decorate & Personalize your Icy Diamond Totes

Mom’s Enjoy These Stylish & Compact Insulated Totes

  • Compact for Traveling (Car or Plane)
  • Ease to Carry Small Snacks (String Cheese, Yogurt, Juice Box, Fruit & Vege Slices)
  • Insulate Medication (Insulin, Epipen, Children & Adult Medications)
  • Transport Baby Items (Unfinished Baby Food, Teething Toys, 4-oz Bottle)
  • Assist Nursing Mothers (Breast Milk)
  • Protect Cosmetics (Lipstick, Lipliner, Eyeliner, Lip Balm)

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