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Not Enough Hours in A Day...
Submitted August 20, 2009 by Mariza
Ever feel that there is not enough hours in a day? Especially to fit in a good 8 hours of sleep. Welcome to my world. There are even weekends that can't provide Rest & Relaxation. I'm talking about getting up at 7:30 am on a Saturday morning to take the boys to practice. Then, run to the bank and make a deposit. Stop by the gas station to fill up the car and while I'm close by might as well wash the car. Wow! I look at my watch and it is already noon. I'm glad I packed my Icy Diamond Tote with a 10 oz water and same grapes to snack on because by now I am starving. Next, I have to stop at the grocery store to stock up on milk and snacks for the week. Because with 3 hungry boys at home, I can't keep the cupboards stocked for long. Oops! I need to stop at the post office to pick up some flat rate boxes for my Icy Diamond Tote deliveries. Now is a good time to munch on some healthy chocolates that I packed in my Icy Diamond Tote Bag. By now, it is already 4:00 pm and I need to start thinking about what to make or pick up for dinner. After dinner, I need to clean the kitchen and place a load of laundry in the wash. But wait, now I need to fold the load I did last night. When will I find some time to take a 15 minute nap? NEVER... Now I spend some time to play with the boys, whether it's playing catch outside or engaging in a game of Monopoly. It's 7:30 pm and I walk upstairs to check on emails and address any messages that were left during the week. Wow! It is 10:00 pm and it's time to put the boys to bed and finally spend some one on one time with hubby. Ready to pop the movie video in? Sound familiar?

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