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Creative Uses & Fun Decorative Ideas with Icy Diamond Totes

Kids & Adults could have fun decorating their Icy Diamond Tote Bags and personalize them in their own unique way.  Here are just a few ideas....



Click on the link below to view the Image Gallery and then click on the photo for a close up view. www.icydiamondtotes.com/gallery.php

Icy Diamond Totes Insulated bags can be used to keep the following items away from the heat...

  • Snacks (string cheese, sandwich, small juice or water)
  • Cosmetics (lipstick, eyeliner, or lip liner)
  • Baby Items (teething ring, unfinished baby food, breast milk, medicine)
  • Golfers (Drinks, snacks, cold face towl, etc.)
  • Individuals with Food Allergies (epipen)
  • Diabetics (insulin, victoza, small orange juice, or other medication)
  • Doggy Bag (dog food, treats, medication)
  • Electronics (PDA, cell phone, ear phones)

Test Results:

The following test results were noted regarding the coldness inside the bag with one & two ice packs.  The tote bag was kept under room temperature conditions and no items inside the bag other than the Ice Pack. Please note that results will differ depending on how often the tote bag is opened, how many items are in the bag, and if the bag is sitting in direct sunlight.  Results below are estimates and can vary by situation.

                                        Ice-Pack in Freezer:                  Ice-Pack in Refrigerator:

One Ice Pack after 1 hour --->      48oF                                       60oF

One Ice Pack after 6 hours --->     64oF                                       74oF

Two Ice Packs after 1 hour --->    30oF                                       46oF

Two Ice Packs after 6 hours --->  43oF                                        62oF